Complete attention on your body and mind in private yoga classes where the teacher’s attention is throughout on you as the student without being surrounded by other students.

The regular practice of physical exercises, called Asanas, as well as Concentration and Meditation, helps you to achieve awareness of what is going on in each moment of your life. To get the most out of our practice we need Adhitthana, strong or confirmed determination which is not shaken under any condition.

Determination is what you need to advance on your yoga path obtaining a healthy, balanced and energetic life. Therefore, practicing yoga outside a group class and in accordance to only YOUR physical and mental possibilities will give you the opportunity of building a strong body and a strong mind. I will encourage you also to pay attention on the arising sensations and to observe them in order to strengthen your balance and equanimity.

What you can expect from your Adhitthana yoga sessions with me as your private yoga teacher.

  • Entire focus on your physical (postures) and mental (concentration and meditation) needs to help you reach the purpose of your yoga practice.

  • No group classes, Classes are held in the comfort of your home.

  • We focus on the areas you think deserve special attention taking as much time as you need and correcting postures and your technique.

  • Classes also include important breathing and relaxation techniques.

  • Continuous encouragement and answers / advice to questions regarding your yoga practice including other matters such as proper diet.

  • Focus on concentration and meditation.

  • Strengthen and balance body, mind and spirit.